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5 Minutes with Jo- VN to Vet Student

I had the pleasure of teaching Jo in her final year of Veterinary Nursing. Once she qualified, she then she joined us at NDSR. A fantastic nurse and with a very inquisitive mind and so it didn’t come as a surprise when she announced she was going to become a student vet.

I have to say at times I thought she was bonkers, especially when she moved to the Shetland Islands. However, she is now going into her second year and absolutely loving it! I’ve been enjoying following her adventures at uni and her competing as part of the RVC equestrian team. So, I thought you may enjoy hearing what inspired her to make that leap of faith.

5 mins with Jo: VN to Vet Student

Why did you become a vet nurse?

I’ve always wanted to work with animals and after finishing my equine degree I wanted to do something in the veterinary industry. As I was living in south London small animal practice was the best option as there were a lot of practices around to get a job at.

What qualification route did you take to train as a vet nurse?

Level 3 diploma at Hadlow College, working full time as a student at Pennard Vets.

Had you done any qualifications prior to that?

Equine management national diploma which was also at Hadlow College

What inspired you to retrain as a veterinary surgeon?

I was always asking the vets questions! I was interested in the treatment planning process and also the idea of surgery.

Had you always wanted to be a vet?

No! I never thought it would be a possibility so never gave it much thought.

Were there any obstacles you faced to do this?

Having to stop full time work and rely on my husband financially was mentally tough. Also doing my A levels via distance learning last year to get the entry requirements was tough!

How did you resolve these?

Moved to Scotland to avoid distraction and do nursing part time so I was still working a bit.

Where are you studying?

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) at Potters bar.

Was getting into vet school challenging?

Yes! But I think the nursing gave me a good chance of getting in.

How has your first year as a Student Vet been?

Really good. Loving the learning.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to retrain as a vet?

The hardest part is the decision to go for it. Don’t worry about other nurses thinking you’re turning to the dark side! Everyone was really supportive and understood why I personally wanted the change of role.

Where do you see your career as a Vet heading?

No idea, I keep changing my mind!

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