Lockdown Life Week 2

As I sit here, we are just entering week 2 of lockdown. Lockdown Life Week 2 seems a funny thing to write about, but I hope to god this is something we never have to experience again! Looking back to when we first heard the now dreaded words ‘Corona Virus’ who would have ever thought this is how things were going to go.

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DKA: Summary and Nursing care plan

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA): A summary

Diabetes mellitus is defined as the relative or absolute deficiency in insulin. This means that insulin is either not effective, or not produced sufficiently to maintain glucose homeostasis. Insulin is primarily responsible for the transportation of glucose intracellularly. So that glucose may be used as a source of energy.

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Advanced Qualifications for the Vet Nurse

I’m going to chat about this in more detail during the next podcast but it seems to be something that’s a common question. Nurse qualify and then are left thinking what’s next? There are quite a few additional qualifications out there so I’ve tried to cover the 5 that came to my mind. There will be others out there and I’ll be havign a catch up the nurses that have undertaken these.

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Being an RVN and owning your home-why the pressure?

Sat in the staff room at work the other day and there was a lot of chat about saving for house and ‘if I do this then I can buy a house’. It got me thinking about Veterinary Nurse salaries and what this means for all of who want to be home owners, plus why do we care so much about owning our own home?

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