Day two of EVECCS

Day Two of EVECCS

Day two at EVECCS was a lot of fun! After the full day exam and after a fabulous Moscow Mule we headed to the old town to find somewhere to celebrate. Tallin has a medieval old town that is now a recognised heritage site. Having seen my fellow VN-Instagrammers pictures I was keen to go exploring. We made our way through numerous cobbled streets, admiring the buildings as we went. We weren’t mad up for a mission that night and settled for a cute cafe where we gorged ourselves on cheese as we enjoyed an alcoholic beverage. Aurora fully embraces cultures where she travels and local was the name of the game.

I think she may have regretted that at the next bar we went to. In celebration of all things Estonian we sampled the local tipple, Vana Tallin. Rather than test this in a spritz I decided we should go all in and order two neat shots. Wow, although nice it would had definitely benefited from some lemonade or something. Considering it our night cap we wandered back through the old town and tucked ourselves up for the night. Trying to sleep when it’s still light, despite it being gone 10pm is quite an odd sensation.


Day Two of EVECCS: Lecture time

The next day the same sunshine greeted us and once again we had inappropriate clothing. Still the venue was nice and cool so after some initial cooking we were all good. The first lecture was all about Gastric Bleeding and delivered by M.Willard. People if you ever get a chance to see this man then please do. He is a legend. A master of delivering a lecture and so engaging. Lots of videos, images and all with a pinch of wit and humour. It was like watching a super funny but very clever TV show. Next was RAW feeding in the ICU, delivered in a totally different style but with vast amounts of evidence and lots of information to take back into practice. 

I was excited for lunch break after Thursday’s food but today was not the same. Nice enough but not on the same level sadly. Still no matter it was still nice and with our customary Prosecco we were happy just catching some sun. Feeding for critical patient was up next, something that is so often overlooked in practice. Sadly there didn’t seem to be enough time and so we just got to the nitty gritty when the lecture finished. A second lecture planned to work alongside the first was next and once again the same happened. Both lectures and speaker were excellent but there was so much scope to do more. 

food at EVECCS

Day Two of EVECCS: Amaretto Gelato

Time for a quick gelato before heading the afternoons sessions, Amaretto ice cream is something we all have to experience once in our lives. The last lecture of the day was all about Parvovirus treatment and whilst it’s not something I see a lot the detail Ken went into was excellent. Most of that information could be transferred to any GI patient and in summary the take home message was that we should say no to NPO in our GI patients. Food is needed for happy guts and this is something we need to be aware of when nursing these patients.

Of we went to the spa! We had missed out on this the previous night and were adamant to sauna it up that evening. With 4 jacuzzis and 4 saunas to pick from we spent a very pleasant hour soaking away our aches and stresses from the previous day. Then it was time to hit the town-wooooo! Dresses on, no high heels as we didn’t realise we’d be going out, and make up done we headed in search of traditional Estonia cuisine. We found it! Herring fish cake on a polenta cake for Aurora and a lamb burger (naked) with polenta cake and goats cheese for me. Delicious! Followed with our spirit from the previous night but this time as a spritz. Much more pleasant, especially when sipped watching a thunder storm!

Day Two of EVECCS: Cheese please

We went in search of dessert and found the cutest place under the wall of the city. The buildings in Tallin are very old and very quirky. Estonian dessert wine for me, I may not have embraced the food fully but I very much embraced the Estonian alcohol. A cheese board for dessert that somehow got lost and resulted in us getting free wine was very nice, although the one from the first night was better IMHO. Then we found some more colleagues …… cocktails in a bizarre bar followed. Then we went back to the square where we experience some traditional homemade liqueurs. A handy tray of 5 with the slowest person to their shot having to drink the ‘spare one’. the flavours were very cryptic, pine nut, galangal and also chokeberry. Needless to say we didn’t order another round and it became clear it was time for bed. 

The night life is incredible and the whole old town comes alive at night. Probably helped by the light but there is also an abundance of bars, clubs, and pubs. The previous night our friends had found themselves in a Estonian nightclub with an Estonian rap band (no they couldn’t understand a word) and finished in a Karaoke bar in the small hours of the morning. That was just a Thursday night!

Day Two of EVECCS: Ghent Next?

All in all a very fun trip, the City of Tallin is worth a trip and the congress is nice and small but with high quality lectures. Perfect balance and I’m very pleased we went on an adventure, next stop is Ghent. Will I see you there?  


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