A Vet Nurse Gift- bespoke prints

Are you looking for a unique Vet nurse Gift?

After their popularity over on my Instagram page, Evolution VN, I’ve decided to offer a range of prints that make the perfect Vet Nurse Gift!

They can be personalised.  A5 in size and mounted ready to frame, perfect to pop through the letter box.  Something to be treasured and enjoyed.

A wide range of options can be adjusted for your selected option to represent either yourself or a lucky recipient! There’s a wide range of images to get you started and once you’ve selected your base image then you can start making it truly unique. Customisable options include:

Options for prints:

  • Stethoscope colour
  • RVN Badge, yes or no
  • Pouch, yes or no and colour
  • Croc colour
  • Hair colour and style
  • Skin tone
  • Freckles, yes or no
  • Glasses, yes or no
  • Colour of scrubs and uniform
  • Colour of scrub hat
  • Name and established date
  • Dots, stars or a plain background

There’s even the option to add different badges and pets! The library of these is being built up so if you don’t see your option get in touch with me via the Etsy store. Uniform options include student uniform so for that fab ANA who is about embark on their journey why not get them a print with ‘super nurse in training’ on it.

Options for the perfect Vet Nurse Gift from the Etsy store

The perfect Vet Nurse gift

They make great graduation gifts, and they were inspired by all the students who have a had a huge mountain to climb this past year. I struggled to find vet nurse gifts within the UK, and I hope these little works of art fulfil that need. We all work so hard we should celebrate our wins. If that’s starting training, qualifying or getting an additional qualification under our belt these should be shouted about.

If you want something truly personal, then why not commission me to draw you your very own EVO VN image? They do command a higher fee but will be totally unique to you and one of a kind. I can even do group images for that special vet nurse leaving present or team gift.

Prints can be ordered via Etsy here and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting collaborations, and more perfect vet nurse gifts coming up very soon….

OSCEs- What to do while you wait

This is for anyone in OSCEs limbo…. no where near as fun as the Crimbo-Limbo. 

I can only imagine how you all feel. It must be frustrating to have come so close and put so much prep in. I know some people even travelled to their venues…. hours before lockdown was announced!

Fear not there are things you can be doing to prep yourselves!

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Lockdown Life Week 2

As I sit here, we are just entering week 2 of lockdown. Lockdown Life Week 2 seems a funny thing to write about, but I hope to god this is something we never have to experience again! Looking back to when we first heard the now dreaded words ‘Corona Virus’ who would have ever thought this is how things were going to go.

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Hanging up my greens

Well I’ve now done my last week as clinical services manager at North Downs Specialist Referrals and it’s got me thinking. About a lot of things but mainly hanging up my greens. If you’d have asked me when I qualified that within 10 years, I’d be out of them I don’t think I would have believed you.

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Pet Blood Bank visit NDSR

For the past two years I’ve been trying to organise a blood drive. The practice I work at uses blood products on an almost weekly basis and we would be lost without the Pet Blood Bank. For this reason, it became a target of mine that we would host a blood drive. It was my goal for 2018 and for one reason and another it rolled over into 2019.

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5 Minutes with Jo- VN to Vet Student

I had the pleasure of teaching Jo in her final year of Veterinary Nursing. Once she qualified, she then she joined us at NDSR. A fantastic nurse and with a very inquisitive mind and so it didn’t come as a surprise when she announced she was going to become a student vet.

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Human Factors, should we be considering these more?

On Tuesday I travelled to a Royal Society of Medicine event in London to attend a very interesting CPD day. This day was titled ‘Human Factors in Patient Safety: Comparative lessons from human and animal healthcare’ It was joint collaboration between Vet Led, Med Led and the RSM.

What would be your first thoughts if you saw this as a course title?

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