Increased Intracranial pressure and nursing care.

Increased Intracranial pressure (ICP) can have dire consequences if the patient is not managed carefully. Sadly it can be often seen in both first opinion and referral settings and even with excellent interventions can still have a poor outcome.

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Day Two of EVECCS

Day two at EVECCS was a lot of fun! After the full day exam and after a fabulous Moscow Mule we headed to the old town to find somewhere to celebrate. Tallin has a medieval old town that is now a recognised heritage site. Having seen my fellow VN-Instagrammers pictures I was keen to go exploring. We made our way through numerous cobbled streets, admiring the buildings as we went. We weren’t mad up for a mission that night and settled for a cute cafe where we gorged ourselves on cheese as we enjoyed an alcoholic beverage. Aurora fully embraces cultures where she travels and local was the name of the game.

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Day One of EVECCS and Rescuer Certification

Following on from my successful completion of the RECOVER Initiative online course I decided the next step would be to complete the practical exam. On initial inspection it appeared that all of the practical exams were over in the states. Then I spotted them being held at EVECCS in Tallin. Well that made a lot more sense and I persuaded Aurora, one of our anaesthetists to join me.

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The RECOVER Initiative CPR Training 

The RECOVER Initiative CPR Training an overview. I’ve always been a bit of an ICU/Critical Care bod and I love the adrenaline and the high you get when nursing these super critical patients. Often though what comes with super critical is also the likelihood of a ‘crash’ or cardio pulmonary arrest. For me this is an area that is sorely neglected in Vet Nurse Training and very much depends on the individual and the practice they are within. Having spoken to my vet colleagues they would also agree.

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