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Advanced Qualifications for the Vet Nurse

I’m going to chat about this in more detail during the next podcast but it seems to be something that’s a common question. Nurse qualify and then are left thinking what’s next? There are quite a few additional qualifications out there so I’ve tried to cover the 5 that came to my mind. There will be others out there and I’ll be havign a catch up the nurses that have undertaken these.

1. The HE Diploma (Advanced Diploma), validated by the RCVS. The original advanced nursing qualification and involves a lot of studying, hard work and a final VIVA exam. It’s a well recognised qualified and the modules are relevant and in-depth. Lisa our anaesthesia guru has done this and I’ll get her to chat more about later on in the podcasts. You will be expected to attend residential sessions but the majority of it is online. As it is a Higher Education qualification there is an element of self learning. You will get a lovely blue badge at the end of it too!

2. Grad Dip VN, another ‘advanced’ diploma but with a slightly different content. Full name is  The Graduate Diploma in Professional and Clinical Veterinary Nursing It’s not validated by the RCVS but it’s still excellent and I loved doing mine. Run by the RVC and with some excellent lecturers! You get to use post nominals after your name and you get a badage too. Like the above Diploma it is part time, study at home with some ‘stay away’ elements. Both of these courses though are run by Vet Nurses and designed with our work life in mind (that’s not to say it’s easy though)

3. CertVN ECC by Vets Now. This is fab, really relevant, totally doable and super informative. Another one I loved doing and useful for both referral and first opinion nurses. Mostly online and distance but you will need to attend to sit the exam.

4. VTS, an American qualification that comes in a range of topics. A bit tricky to get your head around and currently a ‘rare’ qualification in the UK. Allows you to really specialise and has a large element of practical skills that need to be logged.

5. NCert, not one I’m familiar with personally but I know a lot of nurses with it who rate it a lot! Will find out more for you for the podcast as I know it’s quite popular.

There are also a few more that’ll discuss during the podcasts and get some interveiws from nurses that have actually done the courses but for now those are the ones that are probably the most known.
Remember though you have to really want to do one of these. They are hard, you will feel like a student again BUT you will learn loads.
Interested to hear what you all think 🐾

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