5 Minutes with Matt Wright RVN

We met Matt via Instagram where his hilariuos response to our this or that had Sam in stitches. We decided we wanted to get to know more about this male vet nurse (a rare species) and his brilliant sense of humour!

5 minute Quick fire questions:

Have you always wanted to be a vet nurse?

For a long time, I was not sure what I wanted to do.  My part time job as a kid was in a vet practice, which I loved. But after sixth form I was guided to geology at university as quoting my careers advisor said I was never going to become a vet with my grades. So that is what I did. No one ever came to me and gave me other options how to work with animals.

After a horrid time at uni I did a google search on jobs with animals local to me. Top of the list was a vet nurse degree course at the local college. I applied there and then, and that week got an interview where I got an instant placement.

How did you train, via the diploma or the degree?

I started the degree but got offered a job on placement. So finished my training with the diploma.

Do you find a lot of owners assume you’re the vet?

Yes, initially I did. But my clients now don’t even think twice about it. Occasionally I do have position myself so the vet walks into a room first. This happens a lot if its young new grad.

What’s it like working with a team of females?

Truly this has never been an issue where ever I have worked. But I do compare it to having many wives!

What are your aspirations and goals for the next few years?

I recently accepted a role as the head nurse of a brand-new independent practice. Where I hope to increase the client base and build a job where I would be happy for many years. When I have settled into my new role, I would like to be involved more with some the nursing groups like AZEVN or BVNA

What piece of advice would you give an aspiring male vet nurse?

Don’t be embarrassed with the stigma of male nurses. Be proud to be a nurse. As the job has many different avenues to explore. Also speak to other nurses, male or female. Learn from their experiences.

Did you find a lot of people made assumptions?

Yes, most people at some point ask if am gay. But this comes back to the assumptions people will make. Also, people assume as am sure with female nurses too is that we are vet surgeons in training.

Were your family supportive of your career choice?

Absolutely never had any problems there at all.

I see you like working with exotics, have you any plans to develop that further?

I hope that, as I said before to do more with this either with AZEVN or develop again nursing exotic clinics at my new job. I have a strong client base that am sure will follow me to my new job.

What would be your dream practice?

I would love to work purely with exotics or wildlife. If I could be even more demanding in the USA would be ideal!

Finally, your favourite way to destress after a busy day in practice?

Getting home with a good beer. Watching some sport on tv or just seeing friends


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